2014 Summer International Wine Institute

The Cal Poly Wine and Viticulture Department is proud to be hosting the 2014 Summer International Wine Institute. This 3 week program will showcase the wine industry on the West Coast and share our "Learn by Doing" strategy with international students. We will be partnering, again, with the University of Changins (near Geneva, Switzerland) and Charles Sturt University (Wagga Wagga, Australia).

About the Program

The 2014 tour will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for "back of the house" visits to premier wineries, breweries, and cooperages throughout the West. The tour will kick off with a week of lectures and tours of the major Central Coast AVAs. Week two will take us to Ceres, Napa, and Sonoma, while week three will include southern Oregon, the Willamette Valley, Portland, the spectacular Columbia River Gorge, and the Walla Walla region of Washington. Our 2014 Summer Institute journey will culminate with two days in the Seattle area where Cal Poly students will bid farewell to their international friends before flying home to San Luis Obispo.

Important Dates

June 2nd Online Application Due
July 2nd - July 6th Studying in San Luis Obispo and exploring the Central Coast AVA's.
July 7th - July 12th Exploring the wine AVA's in the Central Valley, Napa, and Sonoma, CA.
July 13th- July 22nd Traveling and exploring wine and food regions in Oregon and Washington State.

Costs and Planning

The cost for the three week tour, including housing for the last two weeks (on the road), all touring and tasting fees, many meals, and transportation including your flight home, will be $1800 for Cal Poly students.

Though no academic credit can be given for the tour itself, Cal Poly students who keep a detailed journal of the tour can submit their journal for 2 units of WVIT 400 in the Fall quarter.

We encourgae you to submit an application (must be 21 or older before July 1st) and join 25 international students on this journey of a lifetime.

Please complete the online application before June 2nd. Contact the Wine and Viticulture Department at 805-756-7308 or wvit@calpoly.edu; or the Program Coordinator, Dr. Marianne McGarry Wolf, at mwolf@calpoly.edu with any questions.