Internship INformation
Job Title AeroHarvest-Ampellos Summer Drone Experiment
Location  Lompoc, CA
Company Name AeroHarvest
Company Description AeroHarvest is Slingshot Aerospace’s precision viticulture solution that will provide valuable and expedient crop analysis to vineyard managers by fusing geospatial data from drone, satellite and ground sensors.  Actionable information is derived from this dataset through powerful analytics and delivered via an intuitive web-based interface to enable fact-based decisions on any device. AeroHarvest will be a cost effective solution to improve the decision making ability of the vineyard manager regarding vineyard efficiency, quality, and sustainment.
Job Description

 Intern Will Learn and Be Exposed To:
•       A charged, creative, exciting startup atmosphere
•       Field experiment design and execution
•       Data architecture and algorithm design 
•       Real-world application of critical thinking 
•       Hands-on strategizing and planning 
•       Participation in regular team meetings
Internship Job Title: Duties/Responsibilities:  
•       Design, plan and begin execution of field experiments for design of big data analytics software
•       Identify critical data gaps to inform practical farm challenges 
•       Development and assessment of new application ideas
•       Research competitor offerings
•       Work with team members to communicate agricultural considerations to engineers
•       Research crop issues common to clients in the area of concern and explore analytic solutions
•       Act as a primary or backup visual observer when present during flight operations
•       Review post production maps for identification of trouble indicators and areas of concern
•       Make revisit recommendations, as required
•       Conduct pre and post mission site visits to correlate aerial map indicators to visual observations
•       Record visual observations, assessments and recommendations

Job Type  Internship
Pay Scale $100 per week
Start Date 6 Jun 2016
End Date 29 Jul 2016
Other Information Lodging assistance may be available.
Contact Instructions If interested, please email, call or text. 
Contact Address

Lompoc, CA


Email thomas@aeroharvest.com
Web Link www.aeroharvest.com




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