Internship INformation
Job Title Financial / Business Analyst (part time or intern), Wine Industry
Location Preferably California, but anywhere - will work from home
Company Name Aquitaine Wine Company
Company Description Aquitaine Wine Company is a dynamic Bordeaux negociant and US Importer, with an exclusive portfolio of artisanal wines and hand crafted spirits from Bordeaux and other regions of France.  Our wines are currently distributed by wholesalers in all 50 states of the USA.
Job Description

Seeking intern or part-time employee to work throughout the year from his/her home.  Candidate will analyze the sales data extracted from our wholesaler’s reporting systems and prepare weekly reports for management.  Based on this information, we will be able to focus on better marketing programs and promotions.  In particular, candidate will analyse:
• Which wines/spirits are sold
• What customers (retailers and restaurants) are purchasing the wines
• Our footprint in independent on & off premise and chain on& off premise accounts
• Which sales reps from our wholesalers are selling our wines
• Track return on investment 

Job Type Business Analysis
Pay Scale Hourly Rate based on hours worked
Start Date Immediately
End Date  
Other Information Candidate must demonstrate (i) strong excel and analytical skills (not afraid of numbers); (ii) ability to be trained on-line by our wholesaler to connect into their systems; (iii) self-motivation to work independently, and (iv) passion about the wine business.  For students, this position could become a full-time summer position in France.
Contact Instructions Send Resume and Motivation Letter to: Aquitaine Wine Company
Contact Address

11 Rue Ernest Godard

Bordeaux, France


Phone +33 5 5652 4270
Fax +33 5 5651 2417
Email margaret.calvet@aquitainewine.com
Web Link www.aquitainewine.com




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