Internship INformation
Job Title Social Media & Customer Service Coordinator
Location Bulleton, CA
Company Name  Ascendant Spirits Inc.
Company Description Santa Barbara County's first distillery since prohibition. Produces bourbon, corn whiskey, vodka, gin and brandy. Ascendant has won multiple Gold Medal awards for its products.
Job Description

This position is responsible for the operation of the company's website/social media activities as well as working with visitors to the distillery and at tasting events in California. The coordinator is the day-to-day interface to the company's new advertising agency. 

Job Type permanent position
Pay Scale competitive pay,based on experience
Start Date May/June 2016
End Date  
Other Information  health insurance benefits
Contact Instructions email or write Paul Gertman, Director and CFO 
Contact Address

118 Calle Bello

Santa Barbara, CA


Phone  401-835-2880
Email paul@ascendantspirits.com
Web Link www.ascendantspirits.com




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