Internship INformation
Job Title Vineyard Intern
Location Buellton
Company Name Atlas Vineyard Management
Company Description  
Job Description

 •   Take Pressure Bomb readings
•       Collect petiole samples at bloom and veraison
•       Collect fruit samples for maturation analysis
•       Activities related with harvest
•       Survey vineyard conditions
•         Monitor and record phenological dates
•         Collect and record canopy parameters (shoot length, canopy density)
•         Collect data for crop estimates

Job Type Vineyard Intern
Pay Scale  15.00
Start Date August 1st
End Date November 1st
Other Information  
Contact Instructions  

Call Sandy Matthews



Contact Address

185 HWY 246 

Buellton, CA


Phone 1-877-232-9429
Email smatthews@atlasvm.com
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