Internship INformation
Job Title Wine Tasting Assisant
Location  Avila Beach
Company Name Avila Wine and Roasting
Company Description Wine tasting room; wine bar, wine retail, server of light bites. Cheese and cracker plates, hummus and pita chips. 
Job Description

Avila Wine and Roasting (AKA Avila Wine Company) in Avila Beach is primarily a wine tasting room and provider of light appetizers. We need additional assistants to help pour wine flights for our guests, assist with their wine purchases, prep and serve cheese and crackers and process purchases. Wine knowledge is required, however friendly and service oriented experience is (by far) the most important. 

These are part time positions. **This is an excellent opportunity to substantially advance your wine knowledge, or to supplement a part time position you currently have. One position will be summer only. I regret neither position will evolve into full time due to a slow few months in the winter. 

SHIFTS: 2-3 per week. Potentially more shifts during summer. 6-8 hours per day; TBD . Between the hours of noon-8:00 p.m.

DAYS: Fridays-Mondays; atleast one day a weekend. TBD according to your schedule.

QUALIFICATIONS: Must be friendly, outgoing and be able to deal with a wide range of personalities (our customers). Some of our customers think they know everything about wine, most dont know the difference between sweet and dry. 
The best candidates will be those who are patient and friendly with guests who are visiting us to learn more about wine and want to talk about their visit to the Central Coast. 
The ideal candidate will need to be willing to educate the beginning taster rather than beat them up with wine tech talk. 
Must be able to mult-task in busy situations and be cool in view of the customer. 
**Must be willing to clean and perform side duties without supervision. Clean dishes, glasses, floors, sinks, shelves, restroom. 
Need to help with light duty administrative functions. Help update wine lists, wine notes and other data entry. 

EXPERIENCE: Sales experience helpful.
Restaurant server and or bar tending experience a plus.
Wine tasting room or wine bar experience is ideal 
Must be able to lift 40 pound wine boxes as needed. 
Must be able to work up right (standing) during busy periods without discomfort. 
Must be able to multiple task and work quickly and efficiently with a good attitude when we get busy.
Register and computer skills. Social media experience a plus.

Please respond to this ad with a resume and cover letter via email. Important to **also send to the PO box** because I will not open email responses that looks like spam. 
Mailing address:
PO Box 506
Avila Beach, 93424

If you bring your resume and cover in person:
53 San Miguel Street Avila Beach
Best drop off days: Monday-Fridays 2-5 p.m. Check Facebook for periodic closures
If you need to: Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5 p.m. 
(closed Mondays and Tuesdays). 
Call ahead if you want to come in before or after the hours mentioned

Job Type  
Pay Scale $10 hour start. Tips after 30 days. The tips will be shared after 3 days. More often than not there will be 3 of us sharing tips. Tips will be shared equally. Sometimes tips are $20 a day (total), sometimes $80. Total to be split-not per person. If you want to advance in the wine business, you will learn a lot from me about virtually every aspect of the wine industry-and meet senior managers in the wine industry. You will also meet winery owners and winemakers. Thank you for considering!
Start Date  6/14/16
End Date  1 position summer only. 
Other Information  I have been in the local wine industry for 30 years. Mostly distributor and winery sales management. However I have 20 years of production experience and many other experiences in all areas of winery management. Although this position is paid-it's moreless a paid internship. The people I hire will learn a ton and meet a lot of people in the wine business. If there is a downside-the new hire will be shadowing me for atleast 2 weeks-maybe longer.  There is many other duties including but not limited to cleaning, prepping and serving food, busing tables, washing lots of glasses. We hand wash and polish our glasses. 100 glasses on busy days. Most of the wines I carry are from personal relationships. My pitch/description about the wines are based on my personal relationships. The questions are much more focused than what is asked at other tasting rooms. Most of my business is returns-and referrals; they demand alot. Plus-we will rotate through @ 30 different wines during any given month. The learning curve is really fun-but really steep. It will take atleast a month for the new hire to absorb all the info.  In summary and to be honest. There will be a lot of glass washing, busing, ringing up customers and of mentoring and learning about wines. The shadowing will come first before jumping in pouring wine the first day.
Contact Instructions Manny Luiz
Contact Address

53 San Miguel Street

Avila Beach, CA


Phone 805-627-1918
Fax 805-627-1918
Email  winetraderca@aol.com
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