Internship INformation
Job Title Viticulturalist
Location  Napa, CA
Company Name Bayview Vineyards
Company Description Bayview Vineyards prides itself in providing top of the line grapes to wineries across Napa and Sonoma county. Located in the heart of the Wine Country this family-ran business has been around for over 40 years. 
Job Description

Farming over 2,000 acres of land this family business needs a full time viticulturalist who has the people skills to work with winemakers directly at diagnosing and combatting problems in the vineyards. Also, the skills to work with our company's own supervisors who oversee the day-to-day development of the vineyards. 

Job Type Viticulturalist
Pay Scale Negotiable
Start Date Summer - Harvest 2016
End Date  
Other Information  
Contact Instructions  
Contact Address

5135 Solano Ave.

Napa, CA


Phone 707-257-3910
Email justin.l@bayviewvineyards.com
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