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Carmody McKnight Winemaking Associate Intern

Company Name Carmody McKnight Estate Wines
Employement Location Paso Robles, California
Date Recieved October 14, 2015
Website http://www.carmodymcknight.com/
Job Description


Carmody McKnight offers a rare opportunity for specialized knowledge and training because of the uniqueness of our viticultural environment and history  Our vineyard has attracted top university earth scientists and viticulturalists from around the world. This is due in great measure to the research initiatives led by Cal Poly for well over two decades.  It also due to attributes found almost nowhere else.  


  • Implement improved strategies for winery organization and record keeping.
  • Assist in "natural" winemaking from barrel to bottling.
  • Winery operations timing.
  • Computer skills and specific program mastery to anticipate product needs well in advance -- from label requirements, bottling dates to shipping.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate systems for shipment timings and tasting room and wine club shipments.
  • The intern would be a liaison for our estate vineyard as well as tasting room.  Being superbly organized, energetic, and able to predict problems or challenges before they occur would be on the top of the list of important attributes.
Pay Scale TBD
Contact Person Gary Conway
Contact Email gc@garyconway.net
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