Internship INformation
Job Title 2016 Harvest Intern
Location Yountville, CA
Company Name Cliff Lede Vineyards
Company Description Located in the Stags Leap District, Cliff Lede Vineyards specializes in the production of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon blends and Sauvignon Blanc. 
Job Description

This is a harvest cellar position that involves all aspects of cellar production. Responsibilities include but are not limited to processing fruit, cleaning and sanitation, fermentation management, pump operation, barrel work, press operation, racking, and bottling. This position will start in early August and will end in November or December depending upon the harvest.


-Follow cellar work orders including verbal work orders from Assistant Winemaker or Winemaker.
-Assist in sorting and processing fruit to tank, tank sanitation, and cleaning equipment and winery.
-Fermentation management including pumpovers, punchdowns, Brix and temp checks, additions and inoculations.
-Help process grape maturity samples and other laboratory analyses, under the direction of the Enologist.
-Barrel work including cleaning and sanitation, painting, filling, racking, battonage, and topping.
-Cellar work including racking, managing tank headspace, pump operation (air, PC, and bulldog), forklifting, pallet jacking.
-Red and White Press Operation.


-Be able to lift at least 50 pounds. Be able to walk and stand for long periods of time. Be willing to work indoors and outdoors.
-Be able to work day shifts or night shifts when required. Weekend work is expected.
-Ability to multi-task. Be proactive and able to deal with changing/spontaneous circumstances.
-Be responsible, reliable, timely, well-organized, self-motivated with a strong work ethic.
-Able to understand, communicate, and write in English. Must have good reading, writing, and basic arithmetic skills.
-Be a team-oriented individual.
-Follow safety protocols regarding hazardous materials, pressurized gases, respiratory safety, forklift safety, exposure to confined spaces, crane operation, and access to high places. Exercising caution and following safety protocols are essential.

Job Type Cellar
Pay Scale DOE
Start Date August
End Date November
Other Information  
Contact Instructions Email resume and cover letter to clvharvest@gmail.com
Contact Address


Email clvharvest@gmail.com
Web Link www.cliffledevineyards.com/




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