Internship INformation
Job Title Euromentravel- Contributiors Required
Location Budapest & Berlin
Company Name Euromentravel
Company Description  Euromentravel is Europe's first travel magazine for men. The magazine strives to bring the latest news and advice to the wordly, traveling man.

The magazine unites writers and editors from several European countries in an energetic working atmosphere and has already featured countributors from almost a dozen different nations. Our magazine covers classic men-related fields of interest that are enriched from a specific European point of view. Our readership is 78% male, highly qualified and has a strong affinity to traveling and intercultural affairs.
Job Description

 European travel magazine Euromentravel is looking for freelance contributors (writers, photographers, editors) with a noticeable affection for Europe. If you are looking to contribute to a growing publication that seeks to combine classic men's interest like male fashion and health & fitness that are accompanied by travel advice then we are looking forward to hearing from you. In particular, we are currently looking for writers that contribute to the lifestyle, the gear as well as the food & drink section of the magazine.



- Professional/semi-professional writing experience
- Contributors are expected to have a background/vast interest in traveling Europe
- Expressive writing style
- Technical skills: CMS (Wordpress), Visual Composer, basic HTML
- Good language skills in another European language such as German, Hungarian or Greek are appreciated

Job Type Intern
Pay Scale Unpaid
Start Date Immediately
End Date  
Other Information We do encourage submissions by novice writers looking to publish their first piece. To get a first idea about the writing style required have a look at a sample article here:http://euromentravel.com/lifestyle/menstyle/watches-for-men. Visit the magazine here: http://euromentravel.com.
Contact Instructions M. Prendergast
Contact Address  



Email info@euromentravel.com
Web Link  htpp://euromentravel.com




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