Internship INformation
Job Title Wine Filtration Technician 
Location  Paso Robles
Company Name IPAK Wine
Company Description Mobile wine filtration and luxury wine equipment sales
Job Description

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to learn to operate state of the art wine filtration systems.
Including a ceramic membrane crossflow filter used for final filtration of wine,
Reverse Osmosis used to reduce volatile acidity in wines.
pH reduction and tartaric stabilization machine used to sweet spot wines.
these machines are fully automated and require little influence from the operator.
The successful candidate will also have the amazing opportunity to meet and work with some of the most notable and influential winemakers and  estates in SLO county. An amazing networking opportunity in which you are able to fine tune your winemaking and chemistry knowledge.
Some chemistry knowledge and cellar experience is desired but not absolutely required.

Job Type Wine technician/filtration operator
Pay Scale Competitive pay 
Start Date Training beginning immediately 
End Date  Potential full time position 
Other Information This Is an excellent opportunity for a student or alumni to network and gain a broad experience in the wine industry specializing with a chemistry based approach to winemaking due to the innovation of new technology that we import from Italy.
Learn who we are, what we do, and what we provide to the industry.
To begin, we would like to offer a few hours a day to train, leading to a full time position.
For information about our company-
Email C.V. And all inquires to -
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