Internship INformation
Job Title Wine Filtration Technician
Location Paso Robles and surrounding areas
Company Name Ipak Wine
Company Description IPAK wine offers a phenomenal opportunity to learn about modern day winemaking techniques and technology. IPAK Wine is a premier company that serves the majority of wineries located in SLO county, and has world class clients in British Columbia, Oregon and Washington. We are the West Coast agents who represent a number of companies including Della Toffola, a premier Italian Winemaking equipment company. Tonnellerie Sylvain and Meryiuex- world class french oak barrels produced in Burgundy and Bordeaux. We also are the direct contact for Nico Velo, an Italian luxury concrete tank manufacture. IPAK Wine also offers mobile wine filtration services for SLO county and surrounding areas, with a focus in Paso Robles.
Job Description

The main focus of this position will be centered around wine filtration. This includes setting up and monitoring automated machines, recording data, communicating and tasting wines with winemakers to understand what is to be achieved. You will be required to successfully communicate, and perform a job at a winery and repeat this task each week at a different winery. IPAK Wine offers Crossflow filtration, Volatile Acidity removal via Reverse Osmosis, and pH adjustment/Tartaric stabilization with a one of a kind machine in North America. Our clients are the most notable, ultra premium wineries in the region.
The equipment we run is made by Della Toffola, who is the best in the business when it comes to high tech automated wine filtration systems. The lucky candidate will have the opportunity to meet and visit with many winemakers all around SLO county. This is an amazing opportunity to network and gain winemaking knowledge that CANNOT be learned in a winery cellar. This opportunity will be a huge supplement in your winemaking resume.
Some cellar experience and chemistry knowledge is desired.
Please check out our website to understand who we are and what we do.  www.ipakwine.com

Job Type Wine Filtration Technician
Pay Scale Very competitive pay range
Start Date May/June 2017
End Date Possible full-time position
Other Information

Winemaking, cellar, chemistry knowledge is desired

Della Toffola
Tonnelleie Sylvain & Meyriuex
Nico Velo 
Mobile crossflow, VA removal, ph reduction services for california's central coast

Contact Instructions Elliot Bonior
Contact Address

2103 wisteria Lane

Paso Robles, CA 93446

Phone 805-305-6072
Email ipakwine2@gmail.com
Web Link www.ipakwine.com




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