Internship INformation
Job Title Jason-Stephens Winery-Vineyard Internship
Location Gilroy, CA
Company Name Jason-Stephens Winery
Company Description Jason-Stephens was started by Jason Goelz in 2004 when he first starting selling wine and grapes for Stephen Dorcich. Jason was one of the first to earn the Wine and Viticulture minor from Cal Poly in 1999. In 2006, Jason approached Steve about putting up a winery on his 73 acre property with 45 acres under vine. Surprisingly Steve said yes to Jason without looking at the business plan or marketing plan. Also surprising in that Jason had never sold a bottle of wine, never worked in a winery, had about $5,000 in his checking account and only had made a few barrels of wine a year for the prior 6 years. However, Jason did earn the first Wine and Viticulture minor from Cal Poly – San Luis Obispo. Steve also wanted no part of the wine side of the business, so told Jason that he would sell him the grapes and rent him the building therefore the Stephen in the name pays tribute to him for helping Jason get started. In April 2007 Jason broke ground on the new winery facility. In September of 2007, just one day after finishing the electrical wiring on the winery, Jason brought in the Estate Chardonnay.  The last weekend of September 2008, Jason opened the tasting room, or in reality the tasting area since he initially poured outside and in the cellar since the tasting room wasn’t occupied until 2010, and finished in 2013.
Jason, the beginning of 2016, is in the process of creating a state of the art custom crush facility in Gilroy, the first in the area, in partnership with another local winery owner. We will have custom crush, alternating proprietorships, cases good storage, bulk wine storage, and a multi-winery tasting room.  We have 5 small wineries, 3 mid-sized wineries, and 1 large winery in line to use the new facility.
Job Description

A Cal Poly Wine and Vit student or major

21 years or older

20-40 Hours a week

Harvest (3 Months)

Job Type Summer
Pay Scale Start at $12/hr, then $15/hr after 80 hrs of work (training)
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End Date  
Other Information  
Contact Instructions  
Contact Address

Jason or Janu Goelz


Jason-Stephens Winery (new custom crush facility)
6500 Brem Lane
Gilroy, CA 95020


Jason-Stephens Winery at Lion Oaks Ranch
5255 Hecker Pass Hwy
Gilroy, CA 95020

Phone (408) 846-8463
Email jj@jstephens.com
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