Internship INformation
Job Title Harvest Intern
Location Santa Maria, California
Company Name  La Fenetre/Timbre
Company Description  La Fenetre (and other associated brands) is a boutique producer of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, and other varieties based in Santa Maria, CA. We produce between 7,000 and 10,000 cases of wine each year. 
Job Description

We are looking for driven, enthusiastic interns for the 2016 harvest. The team is small and, as such, it is necessary that any intern be willing to do whatever is necessary to ‘get the job done’. A strong work ethic and the ability to learn quickly and work without constant supervision is a necessity. 
The hours are long and the work is varied. For that reason, we are looking for candidates who are driven to succeed and have the ability to work in changing conditions such as early in the morning, late at night, long hours, wet, cold, hot, etc. The job is physical so the candidate needs to be able to lift and carry at least 50 pounds and must be willing to be on their feet for long stretches of time. We are looking for people who can work without constant supervision, are self-motivated, and want to learn the art of craft winemaking from craft winemakers. You will get a lot of hands on experience, so come prepared to learn.

Job Type Cellar/Harvest/Enology Internship
Pay Scale $10/hr plus applicable overtime
Start Date August 2016
End Date November 2016
Other Information  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 
•       Manual punch downs and  pump overs of both small and large fermenters,
•       Vineyard sampling for brix and pH 
•       Analysis of fermentation brix, temperature, pH
•       Sensory analysis of fermenting wines
•       Preparation of fermentation yeast, nutrient, and other additions, 
•       Crushing/destemming
•       Pressing
•       Barrel management including filling, emptying, and sanitization
•       Sanitization of fermenter and tanks.
Equipment with which intern will become proficient with:
•       Lab Equipment
•       Crusher/destemmer
•       Forklift
•       Press
•       Air pumps
•       Pressure washer
•       Large and small tanks and fermenters
•       Various hoses and fittings 

•       Driven
•       Self-motivated
•       Ability to work without supervision
•       Ability to lift/carry 50 pounds and climb ladders
•       Ability to stand for long periods of time 6-12 hours
•       Ability to work in cold/wet/hot conditions
•       Ability to work weekends and overtime
•       Desire to learn craft winemaking
•       Solid foundation in math and science
Contact Instructions  Please email Joshua Klapper at josh@lafenetrewines.com. Please include a copy of your resume, and some information in the email as to why you might make a good fit for our team.
Contact Address

2705 Aviation Way #100

 Santa Maria, CA


Phone  (310) 977-5615
Fax (310) 977-5615
Email josh@lafenetrewines.com
Web Link www.lafenetrewines.com




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