Internship INformation
Job Title Long-term Intern
Location  Lompoc, CA; Salem, OR
Company Name  Provignage
Company Description  Our company, Provignage, makes wine for several premium wineries in Santa Barbara County, particularly within the Sta. Rita Hills appellation. These include Domaine de la Côte, Sandhi Wines, Pence Estate, and Piedrasassi. We make wine as well for Evening Land's Seven Springs Estate in Oregon's Eola-Amity Hills.
Job Description

 We are hiring hopefully for a two-year-long internship, and are on the lookout for a candidate who's eager to work hard at the ground level; learn our particular techniques and philosophy of winemaking, alongside veteran winemaker Sashi Moorman, and his partner Rajat Parr. The candidate will report daily to, and work closely with, our management staff at each winery.

We acknowledge that much of the work--true winemaking--is not glamorous. In fact, it's usually monotonous, and often tedious! But we feel that the opportunity for growth, for the right candidate, is great; and he or she will experience both the quiet, solitary aspects of the job, and the very social side of it too. He or she will be exposed to an extraordinary network, and feel the world of wine by the visitors that pass through.

Year 1 will begin in the early Summer, 2016, at our facility in Lompoc, CA. This phase of the internship is very oriented towards good cellar practice, techniques, and careful management within a complex winery. We will train up for harvest, produce 20,000+ cases in the months of August-October, and spend the remainder of the year doing all of the usual functions of a full-fledged winery.

Year 2 will begin in the early Summer, 2017, at Evening Land's winery in Salem, OR. This phase of the internship might entail some work in the estate vineyard, Seven Springs, on a basic management level. The work is otherwise the same as in Lompoc (i.e., cellar work), but with a much smaller production. The internship will last through Spring, 2018. 

Above all, we want to hire an intern who's cooperative, able-bodied, disciplined, and passionate to learn! He or she must be willing to commit to a full two-year term, and be willing to relocate halfway through.

Job Type Winemaking
Pay Scale In the range of $30-35K
Start Date  Immediately
End Date TBD
Other Information  
Contact Instructions  Please email a current resumé and cover letter to john@provignage.com. 
Contact Address

Lompoc, CA

Email john@provignage.com
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