Internship INformation
Job Title  Harvest Lab Intern
Location Templeton, CA
Company Name Wild Horse Winery
Company Description In nearly 30 years, Wild Horse Winery & Vineyards has grown from its humble beginnings to take its place as one of the Central Coast’s leading producers of premium varietal wines. Our success is rooted in a commitment to crafting wines that are consistently high in quality.  We pride ourselves in sourcing from the best regions and vineyards within the Central Coast. 
Job Description

This is a seasonal job generally between July and December, depending on the start of harvest.  Hours are determined on an as needed basis to keep up with grape processing. This may include weekend work, overtime (> 8 hours per day and/or > 40 hours per week), and staggered workweeks and start times and some weeks may be less than 40 hours total.

•       Perform and Troubleshoot Chemical Analyses
•       Work with modern laboratory equipment 
•       Crush fruit and analyze juice for harvest picking decisions, maintain and distribute data
•       Tank and Barrel Sampling
•       Find and take requested samples 
•       Track movement of product during production
•       Climb “cat-walks” ladders and stairs, and operate tank valves
•       Set Up of Production Tastings
•       Prepare yeast and other additions for tank inoculations

•       Maintain laboratory control charting policies and equipment logs
•       Prepare reagents accurately
•       Vineyard Maturity Analysis
•       Data Entry
•       Minimum 1 year college chemistry or related field
•       Previous lab experience and/or harvest experience desired
•       Strong ability to communicate, both written and verbally
•       Physical ability to climb cat-walks and lift up to 55 pounds
•       Must be available to work weekend and overtime hours, which will vary based on harvest needs.
•       Must possess a Valid Driver’s License

Apply at www.cbrands.com

Job Type Harvest Lab 
Pay Scale TBD
Start Date Aug/Sept 2016
End Date Nov/Dec 2016
Other Information  
Contact Instructions  
Contact Address

1437 Wild Horse Winery Court

Templeton, CA


Email chrissy.wittmann@cbrands.com
Web Link www.cbrands.com




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