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From Grape to Glass

Cal Poly's College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences offers a unique interdisciplinary major in Wine and Viticulture. All students in the major are educated about all aspects of the wine industry, with a curriculum that combines an understanding of vineyards, winemaking, and wine business.

Quality Grape Growing

Viticulture offers intensive training in all aspects of quality winegrape production. You learn site evaluation and vineyard development, pest management, sustainability and state-of-the-art cultural practices.

Graduates become vineyard managers, pest control advisors, vineyard owners and wine industry executives. You can work around the world, liaise with winemakers to produce fruit for a designated wine style or work in technical positions

The Science of Winemaking

Enology is the science of wine and winemaking. Apply a strong foundation in chemistry and microbiology as you study winemaking from vine to glass.

Enology students monitor and assess wines and winemaking choices using sensory, chemical and microbiological analyses. Graduates are able to make creative winemaking decisions, manage a winery and provide successful solutions to winemaking challenges.

Wine Marketing, Distribution, and Sales

The Wine Business Concentration educates students in operations, management and marketing strategy.

Students learn financial management principles of vineyard and winery operations, strategic planning, branded wine marketing, packaging, wine consumer behavior, and government compliance. Graduates are prepared for a variety of wine industry careers, with many planning to operate vineyards or wineries of their own.