William H. Amspacher, Jr., Ph.D.William Amspacher

Professor Emeritus, Wine Business

Office: Building 74M, Room B101
Phone: 805-756-5017
Email: wamspach@calpoly.edu
Office Hours: Current Quarter


Ph.D., Agricultural Economics, University of California-Davis
M.S. Agricultural Economics, Clemson University-Clemson, South Carolina
B. S. Animal Industries, Clemson University-Clemson, South Carolina

Introductory Statement/Overview

My specialty is Quantitative analysis for the California Wine and Wine Grape Industries.  I have presented my work to the Wine Symposium Group in Napa and the Central Coast.  Additionally, I have spoken The Unified Wine/Grape Symposium in Sacramento on several occasions.

Selected Publications :

Published in Wine Business Monthly, Presented and Moderated Breakout Sessions at Unified Symposium , Presenter for Wine Symposium

Curriculum Vitae:

Wine Marketing, Winery Data Analysis, Government Regulations and Compliance, Senior Project, and Industry  Issues and Careers


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