Internship INformation
Job Title Harvest Laboratory Tech
Location Santa Maria, CA
Company Name CLV Winery
Company Description Under CLV Winery there are three main bonded wineries; Au Bon Climat, Qupé and Verdad.  We have been located on the Bien Nacido vineyard since 1989 and are pioneers of the AVA.  Between these three wineries, there are several different varieties that are handled, from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, to Syrah and Roussanne, to Nebbiolo and Tocai.  This makes our average harvest last a few months instead of a few weeks.
Job Description

•  Daily set-up and calibration of instruments including pH meter, Total acidity meter, Anton Paar, and spectrophotometer.
•  Analyze vineyard and fermentation samples for grape maturity TA, pH, L-Malic, Brix, Temp.
•  Track barrel and tank fermentations.
•  Maintain written analysis database, data logs for fermentation.
•  Data entry into Excel.
•  Prepare solutions and maintain chemicals.
•  Support grape sampling as needed.
•  Routine cleaning and preventative maintenance of lab equipment.
•  Ensure safety at all times including use of personal protective equipment.
•  Other duties as assigned by Assistant Winemaker and Supervisor

Job Type Laboratory technician
Pay Scale Competitive Wages
Start Date June 2017
End Date November 2017
Other Information  
Contact Instructions Marisa Matela Beverly

Contact Address

PO Box 998

Santa Maria, CA 93456

Phone  805-937-2539
Email marisa@abcqupe.com
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