Internship INformation
Job Title Vineyard Manager Trainee

Sacramento Delta, Amador, and Lodi Appellations

Company Name

Courtland Farming Company

Company Description

= Courtland Farming Company is a full service vineyard management company. The company facilitates all in season viticultural operations through harvest. Other services provided are site and clonal selection, contract and finance procurement, complete vineyard installation and bookkeeping.

Job Description

= We are looking for someone who will be involved all aspects of our vineyard operation. This includes (but is not limited to) irrigation management, spray scheduling, vineyard monitoring, equipment servicing, and harvest coordination.

Job Type Vineyard Manager Trainee
Pay Scale Negotiated based on experience
Start Date

June 2017

End Date Mid-September 2017
Other Information  
Contact Instructions

Mahinder Dhaliwal

Contact Address

11566 River Road

Courtland, CA 95615

Phone (916) 308-9100

(916) 775-4100

Email courtlandfarmingco@gmail.com
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