Internship INformation
Job Title 2017 Harvest Internship
Location Sebastopol, CA
Company Name Freeman Vineyards and Winery
Company Description Family owned winery focused on small lot Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Working with highly acclaimed, meticulously farmed vineyards and our own two estate vineyards, we make wines with a sense of place that we are proud of. 
Job Description

We are hoping that this experience is mutually beneficial and so we do our best to provide a diverse and educational set of responsibilities. Along with work experiences ranging from sampling and scouting vineyards to barreling down wine, you’ll also be exposed to great wines, meals, conversations, and as much coffee as you’ll need.

Job Type Harvest Internship
Pay Scale DOE
Start Date July to August
End Date October to November
Other Information The ideal candidate will have:
- An up-for-anything attitude and take pride in their work no matter how trivial it may seem to others  
- Flexible schedule during the employment period
- Eager and willing to work long days and sometimes nights
- Have access to transportations to get to and from the winery
-And be physically fit enough to lift/move awkward objects or smart enough to ask for help when they can’t

Our strict requirements are an interest in winemaking, a general respect towards all members of the team, a good work ethic, a willfulness to be a part of the harvest family and a sense of humor.
Contact Instructions

Send us your resume and a cover letter (yeah, we read those, so use proper grammar).

Bobby Kloetzer
Assistant Winemaker

Contact Address

Email Bobby@freemanwinery.com
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