Internship INformation
Job Title Laboratory Intern
Location Paso Robles
Company Name J. Lohr Winery
Company Description J. Lohr Winery is one of the top 15 Wineries according to Wine Business Monthly.  The Majority of our reds are grown and vented in our local area. Please visit our website for more information Jlohr.com

Job Description

The laboratory intern will be a part of a team which monitors the vineyard maturity chemistry and fermentations.  We measure color and phenolics as well as traditional analytes such as Brix, pH and TA.  You will learn to use automated equipment such as the Foss FTIR, Enology Y15 , plate reader, spectrophotometer and segmented flow analyzer.  Plan on working overtime, especially during the month of October when we typically work 6 ten hour days per week.

Job Type Harvest Temporary
Pay Scale Based on Experience
Start Date About Labor Day
End Date Some time in November
Other Information  
Contact Instructions Email or text Doris Francis
Dfrancis@jlohr.com  805-305-2758

Contact Address

J. Lohr Winery

6169 Airport Road

Paso Robles, CA 93446

Phone 805-226-3651
Email dfrancis@jlohr.com
Web Link www.jlohr.com




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