Internship INformation
Job Title Enology Intern
Location Paso Robles, CA
Company Name J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines
Company Description J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines is dedicated to producing flavorful wines that are the finest examples of quality and flavor from our given appellations. We are committed to honesty, excellence and service, with a respect for our employees, suppliers, customers, and the long-term health of our company and the environment.
Job Description

The intern will report directly to the winemaking team.
Duties will include (but aren’t limited to):
•       Daily Fermentation temperatures
•       Monitoring Fermentation trends
•       Heating and cooling tanks
•       Micro-oxygenation during fermentation cycle
•       Macro-oxygenation pre-malolactic fermentation
•       Acidification/de-acidification trials
•       Re-Inoculations – restarting and monitoring problematic ferments
•       Weekly analysis of our Grower Barrel Lot Program
•       Basic analysis of juice and wine to include:
o       Wet chemistry (pH, TA)
o       FOSS analysis (pH, TA, Alc, VA, Malic, Residual Sugar)
o       Spectrometer (tannin determination, color absorbance)
o       Enzymes as needed/requested 


This internship is designed to be educational and fun.  Please note, this internship is physically and emotionally challenging.  The intern chosen will be required to work 10+ hour days, six days a week, in the midst of harvest. Candidate must be able to lift 40+ pounds.  He/she must have taken at least one chemistry class, and have a firm background in the science of winemaking.  Passion for the winemaking process and commitment to “learn by doing” are essential. The ideal candidate will be goal-oriented, able to work well and communicate with fellow co-workers, be self-motivated, and have a positive attitude.

Job Type Enology Internship
Pay Scale tbd
Start Date August 2017
End Date December 2017
Other Information  
Contact Instructions Please email resume to Taryn Cooper
Contact Address

6169 Airport Rd

Paso Robles, CA 93446

Email tcooper@jlohr.com
Web Link http://www.jlohr.com/




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