Internship INformation
Job Title Phase 2 Cellars - Harvest Internship
Location San Luis Obispo, CA
Company Name Phase 2 Cellars
Company Description Phase 2 Cellars is the Central Coast's leading custom crush facility.  Home to numerous clients making wines from all over California's Central Coast, Phase 2 takes pride in making not only great wines, but great winemakers.
Job Description

Phase 2 Cellars offers a one-of-a-kind wine production internship with a mix of classroom style learning and on-the-job experience.  

Duties may include, but are not limited to:  Sanitation of all sorts, racking and/or moving wine and/or juice, cap management, barrel filling, barrel topping, barrel stirring, chemical additions, winery equipment use, other duties as assigned.

Phase 2 Cellars offers intensive on the job training in conjunction with classroom style learning regarding wine production, decision making and winemaking theory.  In exchange, we ask for attentive, dedicated, hardworking employees who have an unending desire to learn about wine and winemaking and who have the ability to work long hours, carry out demanding tasks, and ask lots of great questions.

Must be able to regularly lift and/or carry 50+lbs.

Interns should be free of academic obligations for the duration of the internship.

Job Type Cellar/Winemaking/Laboratory
Pay Scale TBD
Start Date Late July/Early August
End Date November
Other Information Send resume via email to josh@phase2cellars.com
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Email josh@phase2cellars.com
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