Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1188

Full Time
Clendenen Vineyard Management, LLC
Healdsburg, CA
Clendenen Vineyard Management, LLC is a family owned and operated vineyard management company located in Healdsburg, CA. The company manages over 400 acres and provides year-round vineyard management services to multiple clients located primarily in Dry Creek Valley. As a small, family business, Clendenen Vineyard Management prides itself on providing excellent customer service and communication with its many long-term clients.
$65,000 - $70,000
Full-Time Position | Salary Range: $65,000 - $70,000

The viticulturist provides strategic and technical expertise to the vineyard management team and the company’s clients to ensure the production of high-quality grapes. As a crucial member of the team, the viticulturist is primarily responsible for vine health, including irrigation, soil fertility, and vine nutrition. The viticulturist works closely with the vineyard and equipment supervisors to make annual soil fertility plans and is also responsible for supervising the irrigation supervisor, spray supervisor, and the viticulture technician. Additionally, the viticulturist is expected to adhere to Clendenen Vineyard Management’s values of excellent customer service and communication by building relationships with clients and fielding any questions or concerns and reporting them to the vineyard management team.


Vine Health Management:

•Monitor vine health for all client vineyards
•Create pesticide work orders and work with Spray Supervisor to implement weekly spray schedules
•Work with Equipment Supervisor to implement soil fertility plans
•Sample plant tissue, soil, and irrigation water, etc. with required frequency
•Create pest management, fertility, and irrigation plans
•Implement and monitor Frost Protection plan and work with management team
•Track phenological development and direct maturity sampling
•Provide strategic and technical direction in new vineyard development or redevelopment
•Take on various projects as needed to support the Vineyard Supervisor
•Create and maintain maps and lock combinations of vineyards
•Work with Harvest Coordinator to schedule mechanical harvester


•Communicate with clients to answer questions or concerns regarding vine health
•Communicate and coordinate with Vineyard Supervisor
•Assist clients with State Water Board requirements


•Order PPE supplies for applying pesticides
•Schedule and help with yearly pesticide training for tractor drivers
•Supervise and work with Vit Tech to implement fertility plans and other small jobs
•Supervise and work with Spray Supervisor to check pesticide inventory and make new purchases if needed
•Supervise and work with Irrigation Supervisor to implement irrigation schedule and correct issues
•Uphold CSWGA sustainable certifications and others as necessary


•Report pesticide use to the Ag Commissioner’s office monthly
•Renew required annual permits
•Provide pesticide use reports to wineries
•Provide pesticide and fertilizer usage reports monthly to office team for invoicing
•Collect and input data into viticultural database software
•Perform statistical and graphic analyses using Excel or other statistical software
•Create reports for use by management team and office personnel
•Help management team with capital and production budgets

•Education: Certificate or associate’s degree in viticulture, plant science, or a related field
•Language: Fluent in English and limited working proficiency in Spanish
•Technology: Experience with or ability to learn and use AgCode database, Cal Ag Permits database, and Microsoft Office 365 programs
•License: Current, valid driver’s license and insurable driving record


•Education: Bachelor’s degree in viticulture, plant science, or a related field
•Language: Bilingual preferred (English / Spanish)
•License: Pest Control Advisor License (PCA and/or QAL)


•Ability to engage in physical activity performing regular strenuous activities, including standing, walking, climbing, reaching, carrying, pushing, pulling, squatting, and other motions
•Stability and balance adequate for navigating inclines, declines, and uneven terrain
•Manual dexterity sufficient to reach, grasp, hold, and handle items
•Clear vision (close and distant), peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to focus
•Hearing adequate for working safety around machinery, vehicles, and other equipment
•Ability to lift 50lbs and carry heavy objects
•Ability to work in an environment that is outdoors and exposed to changing weather conditions, such as cold, fog, rain, heat, dust, wind, sun, etc.


We offer competitive employee benefits:
•Health insurance
•Dental insurance
•Holiday time
•Sick time
•Vacation time
•Simple IRA employer match
•Company vehicle
•Private office
•Two-way radio to communicate with management team
•Company iPad
•Company cell phone or stipend for personal phone use
To apply, please send resume to

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