Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #144

Vineyard Intern
Liberty Vineyard
Paso Robles
Liberty Vineyard is an established 20+ acre vineyard on the east side of Paso Robles near Cass and Sculpterra wineries. Varietals include cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and petite sirah. We are replanting a portion of the hillside vineyard in different varietals.
9/1 flexible
12/1 flexible
- Desire for hands on experience in vineyard planning and implementation
- Strong interest in wine industry and viticulture
- General wine knowledge, as well as familiarity with the Paso Robles wine region
- Willingness to work hard and learn
- Ability to set and meet deadlines
- Ability to network in industry and academia for problem solving
- Strong interest in the wine industry
- Wine/vit or ag major beneficial
- Interest in American history

- Plan hillside vineyard (trellising, water, spacing, budgeting and sourcing, submit RFPs, etc)
- Prep hillside vineyard (prep terrain, install trellis, order vines, etc)
(no planting this quarter, new vines not available until spring 2019)
- Evaluate and enhance existing vineyard practices
- Vineyard maintenance
- Participate in pick, crush, fermentation, press, barreling this fall

Please send resume and cover letter to contact info below.
Flexible hours, days
Under 21 ok
Some work can be done off site
Nick Gardner

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