Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #166

Enologist Intern
Seasonal F/T
Multiple Vineyards Searching
Paso Robles
Harvest Season
Duties will include (but aren’t limited to):
• Daily Fermentation temperatures
• Monitoring Fermentation trends
• Heating and cooling tanks
• Macro-oxygenation during fermentation cycle
• Micro-oxygenation pre-malolactic fermentation
• Acidification/de-acidification trials
• Re-Inoculations – restarting and monitoring problematic ferments
• Weekly analysis of our Grower Barrel Lot Program
• Basic analysis of juice and wine to include:
o Wet chemistry (pH, TA)
o FOSS analysis (pH, TA, Alc, VA, Malic, Residual Sugar)
o Spectrometer (tannin determination, color absorbance)
o Enzymes as needed/requested
This internship is designed to be educational and fun.
The intern chosen will be required to work 10+ hour days, six days a week, in the midst of harvest. Candidate must be able to lift 40+ pounds. Passion for the winemaking process and commitment to “learn by doing” are essential. The ideal candidate will be goal-oriented, able to work well and communicate with fellow co-workers, be self-motivated, and have a positive attitude.
Briana Hernandez
United Staffing Associates

(805) 544-0009

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