Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #192

Industrial Supervisor, Prison Industries (Viticulture/Crop Farm)
Full Time
California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA)
Soledad, California
Mission Statement
CALPIA is a self-supporting, customer-focused business that reduces recidivism, increases prison safety, and enhances public safety by providing offenders productive work and training opportunities.

Vision Statement
Changing offenders' lives through innovative job training for a safer California.
$4,329- $5,475
Plans and schedules grape vineyard crop production operations including labor, materials and equipment, pruning, land preparation, planting, cultivation, fertilization, irrigation, pest control and weed abatement. Obtain vendor quotes and complete all paperwork required for the procurement process. Obtain applicators permit to spray weeds.
Responsible for getting all assigned work done per schedule to meet seasonal and Career Technical Educational (CTE) requirements. Set up, adjusts and operates required equipment in vineyard(s). Trains and documents inmate workers on equipment including safety. Conducts safety meetings and fire drills, orientates newly assigned offender workers. Safe guards state property. Trains, counsels and supervises offenders in production work and personal development. Evaluates offender work performance and recommends appropriate action. Issues Work Supervisory Reports and Rules Violation Reports to assist in maintaining discipline. Analyzes situations accurately and take effective and necessary action. Maintains accurate offender work time keeping logs.

Maintains discipline and custodial control of assigned offenders during work hours. Writes performance evaluations and disciplinary reports of offender workers. Implements the individual components of the Industry Employment Program. Trains and motivates inmates in personal development through their participation in the program.

Works with the mechanic to keep all shop equipment operating in a safe efficient manner. Keeps apprised of new developments and techniques in wood products. Attends training provided by IST.

Keeps apprised of institution and department rules and regulations. Implements the individual components of the Industries Employability Program, training and motivating inmates in the personal development through their participation in the program.
Apply through the process at the web link below:
Additional information about position:
Job Control # JC-133691
Position # 104-215-0648-001
final filing date: Until filled
Michael Whitney, CALPIA Administrator

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