Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #285

Vineyard Irrigation Data Monitor
Part Time
US Ag Solutions/Deep Root Irrigation,/Groguru LLC's
Paso Robles
Provides new irrigation method for saving 50% of water applied to the vineyard.
Data collection using the latest technology, will concur the irrigation results,along with yield comparison and cost reductions in energy, pesticide and weed abatement.
$15/ Hr.
Work within a vineyard to monitor plant response, take photos, and interpolate data from cloud-based moisture sensors. Reports will be sent directly to the student to assemble end of season comparative analysis of Deep Root Irrigation savings over standard drip irrigation. Groguru will provide a mobile app. to be used to monitor moisture and salinity, and used to forecast irrigation cycles.
The initial installation is expected to begin the week of May 6th. We are looking for 3 students. Photo and news articles will feature the students performing these tasks, without compensation from the media. Flexible hours.
Time is of the essence. Contact Don Lewis at (831) 385-6233 email:
Don Lewis, US AG Solutions, LLC., President
(831) 385-6233

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