Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #310

Harvest Crew 2019
Seasonal F/T
Union Wine Company
Tualatin, Oregon
We are situated between Portland and the Willamette Valley wine country in a warehouse-winery affectionately know as the Industrial Chateau. Founded in 2005, Union Wine Company attempts to embrace the artistry of making great wine, minus all the fuss. Union cares more about what goes into the bottle than what kind of bottle (or can) it is. The winery has experienced rapid growth: In 2013, we crushed 1,000 tons and have subsequently added 1,000 tons to this each year. We will go a bit further for vintage 2019 to put us at 6,700 tons. While most of this grown has come in the form of the brand Underwood, our other brands continue to remain in focus. These include Kings Ridge, Christopher Michael, Alchemist, and Amity Vineyards.
August 20, 2019
October 31, 2019
Union Wine Company is seeking out qualified applicants to join us for the grueling harvest of 2019. Harvest at Union isn’t really that easy, 6700 tons not easy, but for some reason it is fun and our metrics report that people also learn things.

And so, it’s that time of year when you excitedly scroll through the harvest opportunities hoping to find your next life path, only to find the same boring drivel in every advertisement. Some of those wineries make really expensive wines. Others have beautiful chateaux-like facilities. Union? Nope, we do none of that. Why not, you ask: Because we’re better than that. Come work with us and find out why.

We require a few things:
-Wine passion
-Long hours
-Lift 50lbs (22.7kg)
-Calculated humor
-beautiful and not so beautiful weather

From late August to end of October, a day in the life of a harvest intern will include:
-Forklift operations
-Cap management
-Cleaning and sanitation of wine equipment
-Juice and wine rackings
-Pump over and punch down fermenting tanks

We’ll initially like you more if you:
-Winery experience
-Can speak and listen in English
-Eat burritos

-More food than you can physically consume
-Rain gear
-Stumptown Coffee sponsorship
-Fermented grape beverage in can or bottle
-US Dollars

To be perfectly honest: Please don’t “Ctrl C, Ctrl V” your application with the wrong winery in the Recipient Position of the email. This literally happens every year. I recognize that you’ll be doing a bit of paste and copying, but please for the the love of god address the fact that you just read a ridiculous job posting and give at least three examples of why you think you would be the perfect addition to our team.

Union Wine Company: Our tanks are bigger than yours
Ellie Richey
HR Coordinator

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