Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #755

Harvest Intern
Seasonal F/T
Calcareous Vineyard
Paso Robles
Father and daughter Lloyd Messer and Dana Brown realized their dream of finding a place to express their passion for wine in 2000, when they established Calcareous Vineyard on one of the highest limestone plateaus on Paso Robles’ westside. Both Lloyd and Dana, experienced wine distributors in their native Iowa, recognized the westside of Paso Robles had potential to produce world class wines. Their acquisition of 442 acres atop solid calcareous rock reaching 1,800 feet above sea level confirmed their dedication to producing the highest quality, terroir driven wines possible. It is a labor of love to cultivate fruit on this challenging land, but the reward is immediately apparent when tasting the wines.

Calcareous produces a collection of world–class blends and varietal wines that exhibit Paso Robles’ claim to being “distinct, different.”

August 15th
November 15th
Have you ever wondered how to get your foot in the door in the world of wine making. Well, this is that jam your foot in there opportunity. Harvest 2020 should be rolling in around early September here at Calcareous and we need a couple of hands to help shepherd the grapes to the barrel. The harvest intern position here is pretty all encompassing, you will learn a low profile approach to making wine where we believe in letting the fruit express itself the best we can. And most importantly, we pay you to learn. The position will include vineyard and winery work and you'll be part of a very small team and required to be involved in every aspect of producing small lot wine. The season will last until around the end of November. Please send a resume or brief letter about why you'd be interested in joining us for a harvest.


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