Wine and Viticulture

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Student Scholarships

Scholarships are one of many ways of financing an education. Please investigate the resources available to you through the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences, the Wine & Viticulture Department, and the Financial Aid Office.

The Financial Aid Office can help you with scholarships as well as information on grants and loans. The types and amounts of aid Cal Poly awards or recommends are subject to availability of funds, enrollment status, and financial need. Programs vary in eligibility criteria, award amounts, and repayment options.

For more detailed information about Cal Poly scholarships, visit the Financial Aid Office website. For Wine & Viticulture scholarships, please see the information below.

WVIT Scholarships

The application to apply for scholarships can be found online in the Quick Links menu of the Cal Poly Portal. The deadline to apply is May 9.  By completing the application, you will also be considered for a wide range of university-wide scholarships as well. 


Merit-Based vs. Financial Need-Based Scholarships:
While a scholarship application is not required by the Financial Aid Office, the Wine and Viticulture Department requires all students submit an application to aid in narrowing down merit-based scholarships. The Financial Aid Office will provide a list of eligible students who qualify for those scholarships that require financial need. Please consult the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions. “Statements” of need are not substituted for the standardized methodology. Scholarships will only be awarded if the student meets the eligibility requirements. In order to be considered for need-based scholarships, students are required to file the FAFSA.

Notification of Awards:
The Financial Aid Office and will notify students of awards after June 1. All Financial Aid/ Scholarship communications to students are electronic. Student responsibilities when receiving a scholarship and the requirement to thank donors are included. Students receiving scholarships are directed to provide a thank you letter to the Office of Planned Giving. That office will forward the letter to the donor.

Scholarship Name
Scholarship Description
Scholarship Requirements

American Vineyard Viticulture Scholarship
(1 @$1500 or 2 @ $750)

The American Vineyard Viticulture Scholarship supports junior, senior, or graduate students majoring in Fruit Science or Wine and Viticulture.

a. Class level Junior, Senior or Graduate (90+ units)         
b. Minimum 3.0 GPA
c. Must be studying viticulture

Arthur E. Norman Scholarship
(1 @ $900)
The Arthur E. Norman Scholarship supports sophomore, junior, and/or senior students majoring in Wine and Viticulture.

a. Major: WVIT
b. Class level: undergraduate
c. Minimum 3.0 GPA

Garagiste Festival Scholarship
( 2 @ $4750)
  The Garagiste Festival Scholarship supports students majoring in Wine and Viticulture. Preference for wine entrepreneur who demonstrates leadership in fields of viticulture, enology or wine business.

a. Major: WVIT
b. Class level: Sophomore, Junior or Senior
c. Recommended 3.0 GPA

Joe and Florence Silva Memorial Scholarship
(1 @ $1500 or 2 @ $750)
The Joe and Florence Silva Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Joe and Florence.  Both were from the Azores Islands and upon moving to California set up a vineyard and winery and acquired more land.  Five direct descendants of the family have attended Cal Poly.  The scholarship supports students minoring in Wine and Viticulture.  

a. AGB or WVIT major or WVIT minor
b. Minimum 3.0 GPA
c. Class level: open
d. Financial need

Knights of the Vine Monterey Chapter/Steve Pessagno Memorial
(1 @ $2850 or 2 @ $1425)

a. Major: WVit
b. Class level: junior or senior
c. Financial need
d. Minimum 2.75 GPA
e. Preference for students from Monterey County
g. May be renewed depending upon funding availability

Murphy Foundation Earn by Doing Fund Presqu'ile Student Technician - The Murphy Family Foundation Earn by Doing Fund was established to expand and enhance Cal Poly’s hands-on learning experience by sponsoring a Wine and Viticulture student technician to work in one or more of the following areas - the pilot winery, campus vineyards, assisting faculty in laboratories and research projects for a one year term for up to $5,000. Application
Murphy Foundation Presqu'ile Scholarship
(1 @ $4750)

a. Recommended 3.0 GPA  
b. Class level: Undergraduate
c. Financial need

d. Major in Wine and Viticulture
Orange County Wine Society Scholarship
(6 @ $1200)
The Orange County Wine Society Scholarship supports agribusiness and fruit science majors with an interest in a career in the wine industry. a. Suggest minimum 2.75 GPA
b. Class level: open
c. Financial need optional 
d. Show of interest in a career in wine industry 
Tony and Janet Marino Scholarship (1 @ $1000) The Tony and Janet Marino Scholarship supports students majoring in Wine and Viticulture.

a. Minimum 2.75 GPA  
b. Class level: open
c. Financial need optional

d. Major in Wine and Viticulture

Jeffrey Newton Scholarship for Viticulture Studies
(1 @1000)



a. Wvit major w/concentration in viticulture.
b. Class level: Junior or Senior
c. Financial need
d. Recommended 3.0 GPA

Woodward/Graff Wine Foundation
(1 @ $1000)
The Woodward/Graff Wine Foundation Scholarship supports junior and senior Wine and Viticulture majors.

a. WVIT major
b. Minimum 3.0 GPA
c. Class level: Jr or Sr (90+ units)
d. Financial need

College-Wide Scholarships for WVIT

Scholarship Name
Scholarship Description
Scholarship Requirements
CHS University  

a. Major: Open within CAFES
b. Class level: Undergraduate
c. Recommended 3.0 GPA
d. Preference for a student who exhibits academic, professional and leadership development.

Ranchers Cotton Oil/Earl J. Cecil  

a. Major: Open within CAFES
b. Class level open
c. Financial need
d. Scholastic Achievement

John S. Maher  

a. Major: Open within CAFES
b. Class level: Junior or Senior
c. Financial need optional
d. Minimum 2.5 GPA


WVIT is not responsible for College, University or outside scholarships.

Bartlett Tree Foundation Scholarship:
The Bartlett Tree Foundation provides scholarship funds annually to participating two-year and four-year college programs. The participating institutions, in accordance with their criteria, select the student recipients. The students must be actively enrolled in a course of study that leads to a degree in arboriculture, forestry, urban forestry, horticulture, plant pathology, botany, or another closely related discipline. Students must maintain a sufficient grade point average. Good character, noted recognition, and financial need are also determining factors for student eligibility. Students at participating schools can contact their professors for further information.

Farm Supply's Agricultural Scholarship
Five $1000 Scholarships!! Jeff Silva and Kyle Hubbard Memorial Scholarship will give five, $1000 scholarships to deserving students pursuing an education in agriculture. Applications available at all Farm Supply locations, online at or here: Farm Supply Scholarship Application

California Association of Winegrape Growers Foundation Scholarship:
The California Association of Winegrape Growers Foundation was created with the purpose of providing financial assistance to students who may not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue a higher education and to honor the hard work of the men and women who help produce the highest quality wine grapes. At least two four-year scholarships worth $8,000 each and four two-year scholarships worth $2,000 each will be awarded to qualifying students. Students may study the subject of their choice at any campus within the University of California system, California State University system or California Community College system. Link to application here.

California Women for Agriculture Santa Maria Chapter:
Scholarships are for students who are planning to major in or who are already enrolled in an agriculture-related field in college. It is not a prerequisite for the student to have been involved in agriculture programs in high school. Scholarship awards will range from $250 to $2000. Applicants must provide sealed transcripts and two letters of recommendation, along with their application. Only California Women for Agriculture application forms accepted.

Farm Bureau-San Diego County:
The Farm Bureau of San Diego County is pleased to announce its scholarship program. Through the generosity of San Diego County farmers, ranchers, and nursery operators, over $267,150 has been awarded to 265 deserving students since the program's inception in 1999. Eligibility requirements are as follows; student is entering or attending a two-year or four-year college or university. Student is pursuing a course of study in agriculture or a closely related field. Student has a permanent residence in San Diego. Scholarships range from $500 to $5,000. Link to the application here.

Jimmy Mancbach Scholarship Foundation - Wine Harvest Scholarships:
Applications are due March 22nd, 2019; 4 Scholarships available. The Foundation enables young wine enthusiasts the opportunity to work crush at a renowned boutique winery that normally does not host interns.  This scholarship is offered to only 5 colleges, based on our boards view of the outstanding schools of Viticulture & Enology and Culinary Arts.  Our recipients are selected based on their passion for fine wine making, the education they have pursued and their work ethic.  They can be at any stage in their education and do not need a degree to qualify.  Information, application and reference forms are available online:


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