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Assistant Vineyard Manager - Eakle Vineyard Management

Posting Date: 12/6/17

Internship INformation
Job Title Assistant Vineyard Manager
Location Saint Helena
Company Name

Eakle Vineyard Management

Company Description

Vineyard Management & Farm Labor Company in Napa county. Family owned and run. We take care of Vineyard job-sites in Napa, Lake, Sonoma and Solano counties.

Job Description



The Assistant Vineyard Manager supports the Manager and office staff in overseeing a growing Vineyard Management & Farm Labor Company, including grape production, organizing and coordinating with crew leaders and staff, communicating with clients and assuring compliance with all regulations related to grape production and farm labor contracting. The chosen candidate will assist in overseeing the day-to-day operations while getting his or her hands dirty and participating in all aspects of vineyard operations from the ground up. To be successful, the assistant vineyard manager must be a hard-working, multi-tasking, and skilled at supervising other vineyard workers.


* Cultivating, thinning, pruning, tying, suckering, canopy management, planting and replanting, irrigating, and harvesting
* Pest, fungicide, and herbicide management
* Irrigating, monitoring, and making recommendations related to vineyard and fruit quality
* Erosion control, trellis Installation, irrigation installation, frost protection, vineyard installation, fence installation, and R & M
* Provide and acquire proper tools for all jobs; make sure that workers use the necessary equipment; keep areas clean and orderly; comply with county, state and federal regulations
* Enforce company policy; ensure that every job or task is safe for the employees; supervise to make sure all work is carried out correctly; assist the workers and treat them with respect
* Understand and train employees in Policy, Procedures and Safety
* Effectively communicate and work cooperatively with support staff
* Estimate harvest equipment needed; provide accurate harvest estimates; work within assigned budgets
* Increase/improve fruit and wine quality
* Ensure that all necessary equipment is on site and in good operating condition prior to work
* Search out and evaluate vineyard problems and make recommendations that provide effective, timely and economic solutions and deliver quality fruit




* Minimum 5 years of farming experience
* Bachelor's degree in Agriculture
* Be able to manage multiple crews
* Capable of being a liaison between crews & office staff
* Understanding of vineyard/farm management practices and procedures
* Willingness to perform any and all functions required to operate the vineyard
* Demonstrated leadership and decision-making skills
* Must have strong computer skills and the ability to multi-task
* A strong and proven work ethic
* Strong interpersonal and oral communication skills
* Proficient in Spanish

* Knowledge of Ag.Code software preferred

Job Type  
Pay Scale DOE
Start Date ASAP
End Date  
Other Information  
Contact Instructions Please email all resumes to the following email.
Contact Address

4606 Hardin Road

Phone 7079653610
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