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Harvest Intern - TH Estate Wines

Submission Date


Job Title

Harvest Intern

Company Name

TH Estate Wines


Paso Robles CA

Company Description

TH Estate Wines is a high-end boutique winery located on the west side of Paso Robles. We specialize in Rhone varieties that are grown on the 26 acre property. We have also started an exciting new Pinot Noir project featuring fruit sourced from notable vineyards in Santa Rita Hills and Arroyo Grande Valley. We produce approximately 3,500 cases of wine each year.

Job Description

TH Estate Wines is interested in two interns for the 2017 Harvest. We are looking for individuals who are excited be involved in all aspects of the harvest process from the vineyard to the crush pad, and on into the cellar. We are looking for individuals who are: Good at following directions and not afraid to tackle tasks given to you on your own: There is plenty of potential to do a wide range of jobs based on work ethic, schedule availability, ambition, and experience. We do wish this to be a rewarding experience for all interns. The effort that you put in will yield you the results you desire. Punctual and reliable: Start and end times on days vary based on several factors and we need everyone to be present and ready to work by their schedule times. You need to have a reliable form of transportation to get to and from work. Flexible with regards to work schedule: Harvest is unpredictable, so some days can run over 12 hours. The flexibility to work extended hours on short notice is also highly desired. Fermentations don’t take breaks and will require care early morning and late at night as well. Interns will be expected to help cover punchdowns, pump-overs and additions late at night and early morning. Able to complete mundane monotonous tasks with focus and precision: Most of winemaking is cleaning. There will be a great many hours of cleaning the processing line, picking bins, fermentation bins, barrels, floors and all kinds of other equipment. You also will have plenty of time to brush up on your Spanish and contemplate the meaning of life while you work on the sorting table. Although these tasks seem unimportant, they impact everything we work for. All work including cleaning and sorting needs to be done meticulously and efficiently. Able to keep up with the physical demands of harvest: We are looking for interns who can lift 50 pounds, spend long hours on your feet, and spend a lot of time out side in the elements (sun, heat, bees, wasps, and all of that great stuff). Preferably 21 years of age: Much of what we do involves the sensory perception of the wine at different junctures throughout the winemaking process. Familiarity with common varietal characteristics, reductive and oxidative components, and other general wine sensory knowledge is a plus. Potential fun to be had: Pre-Harvest Sampling fruit in the vineyard Hydrating barrels and cleaning barrels -Soaking heads -Rinsing and steaming barrels Cleaning Picking Bins and Fermentation Bins Prepping Crush Pad -clean sorting and processing equipment -set up sorting and processing equipment -repairing equipment as needed Cleaning Tanks Harvest Picking Work on and help run the sorting/processing of fruit Punch downs Pump overs Monitoring of fermentations (recording: brix, temps, and other notes) Inoculating fermentations Additions: tannin, nutrient, enzyme... Barrel fermentations Extended Maceration Barreling down wines after extended maceration Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning.... -Cleaning all the sorting/processing equipment -Cleaning picking bins after use -Cleaning fermentation bins after use -Cleaning tanks after use -Cleaning fermentation room -Cleaning hoses/pumps/clamps -Etc. etc. etc. Due to our small size, this internship allows one to see many facets that are involved in boutique winemaking. Intern(s) have the opportunity to see and be a part of the decision making process. You will be exposed to all of the practical aspects of vineyard management and winemaking. I was an intern in the not too distant past and want to make it worth your while (you can learn more than how to best clean a 24s). The amount of facets you will be exposed to does hinge on the openness of your availability. As previously mentioned harvest happens 24/7 and limited availability equals limited exposure to everything that happens during harvest.

Job Type

Internship (Full Time)

Pay Range


Start Date

Late July - Early August 2018

End Date

Mid-Late October 2018

Other Information

Thanks for taking the time to look through this post and happy hunting for your harvest positions!

Contact Instructions

If you are interested in an internship with us for the 2018 season send your resume to Phil at the email address listed below. Feel free to include a cover letter explaining why you would fit in here at TH Estates. You can also include a letter of recommendation if you have one. It has been a busy year around here and I will try to get back to all inquiries as quickly as possible; but if I don't contact you immediately don't be dismayed, I will reach out to you very soon! I look forward to meeting you!





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