Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1306

2023 Harvest Production Internship
J. Lohr Winery
Paso Robles
Mid August
1. SAFETY: Maintains a high level of safety awareness with all staff through ongoing meetings and training. Responsible for adherence to all safety procedures.
• QUALITY CONTROL: Works with Winemaker, White Wines and Laboratory Technician for accuracy of laboratory data generated at the winery, by maintaining reagents, calibrations of equipment, training and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
• DAILY LABORATORY ANALYSIS: Performs the following chemical analyses as needed: total acidity (TA), pH, free sulfur dioxide (FSO2), NTU and DO, enzymatic tests for residual sugar (RS), malates, and volatile acidity, fining trials. Performs Foss analysis as needed.
• HARVEST ANALYSIS: Works with Winemaker, White Wines and Laboratory Technician on the analysis of field samples and incoming fruit or juice including Brix, pH, TA, and YAN and malic acid. Checks brix, pH, and TA, Temp in degF, on alcoholic fermentations and monitors malolactic fermentations. Responsible for Dyostem sample preparation and analysis for white and red grapes in Greenfield.
• SAMPLING: Collecting barrel or tank samples for analysis and/or tasting. Collecting random berry samples from VINEYARD for analysis or tasting.
3. LABORATORY PROCEDURES: Participates with laboratory and winemaking staff in the development of procedures that elevate the level of efficiency, consistency and quality of work. Assures the quality of J. Lohr wines by having an understanding of laboratory Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
4. RECORD KEEPING: Record, print, and distribute analysis, enzymatic procedures and results for RS and malic. Input all analysis into the Winemakers Data Base, the Fermentation Log and/or the Dyostem website daily and alerts the Winemaker, White Wines when they are entered.

5. TEAMWORK: Adheres to and supports company policies and decisions in a positive manner. Cooperates with personnel in other departments to ensure the best overall results for J. Lohr Winery.
6. OTHER DUTIES: As with all positions at J. Lohr Winery, other jobs or special projects may arise outside the realm of this job description. Doing other assignments on a fill-in basis is expected of every employee.


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