Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1344

Viticulture Intern
Alder Springs Vineyard
Mendocino County, Ca
We at Alder Springs Vineyard are looking for two interns for the summer months. Alder Springs is a renowned vineyard in Northern California. We are a high elevation, cool climate, hillside site just outside of the town of Laytonville in Mendocino County. Alder Springs is known for growing high end fruit for over 45 distinguished clients from all over Mendocino, Sonoma, and Napa counties. We grow 40+ different varieties of wine grape and have experimental blocks that contain hundreds more varieties/clonal selections. The vineyard has many other alluring qualities:
-Located on a 6,000 acre ranch in the heart of dense conifer forests
-100 or so head of organic beef cattle
-Five large ponds stocked with largemouth bass
-Three year round streams that are all spawning grounds for coho salmon and steelhead trout
-Miles of hiking trails
June 19
September 15
Interns will gain invaluable experience working in a fast-paced environment at a vineyard with experienced viticulturalists who innovate daily to stay at the forefront of the wine growing industry. An intern’s day-to-day tasks include:
-Discussing problems, brainstorming solutions, and learning best viticultural practices in an industry setting
-Assisting the viticulturalists with scouting for insects (both beneficial and pest insects) and mildew
-Learning pruning methods and procedures
-Learning the importance of watering schedules.

A good percentage of the interns’ time will be spent learning about and testing for Grapevine Red Blotch-Associated Virus (Red Blotch). Red blotch is an emerging problem in vineyards around the world and Alder Springs is committed to staying ahead of this issue in our own vineyard. Interns will be responsible for:
-Collecting field samples
-Preparing and running lab analysis
-Reporting and mapping the data collected

Alder Springs is also transitioning rapidly to organic production, and interns will be a key component in this process. Interns will:
-Expand their ability to operate tractors and other equipment
-Gain experience in organic, regenerative farming practices
-Learn the benefits of using compost/wood chips, no/limited-till, beneficial insects, cover cropping, and much more

Interns will also spend a portion of their time alongside the viticulturalists in the vineyard. They will:
-Ride along with vineyard clients on vineyard tours
-Meet industry professionals from all over California
-Expand their professional networks
-Learn the importance of grower-winemaker relations
Housing is supplied and each intern would have their own room in a two bedroom, fully furnished house located on-site.

Alder Springs is a fast-paced team that needs each team member to have a certain number of skills:
-2-4 years in Viticulture/Plant and Crop Program
-Quick learner
-Adaptable to many different tasks
-Motivated and high energy
-Interest in wine and grower’s responsibility in winemaking process

Though the following skills are not required, they are a huge plus:
-Ability to drive tractors and other equipment (skid loader, excavator, etc)
-Ability to drive stick shift vehicles
-Lab experience including: sampling, using microscopes/pipettes/other lab equipment, and closely following basic lab procedure
-Being bilingual in English/Spanish
Dalton Shepherd
(707) 984-8970

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