Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1411

Tasting Room Associate
Part Time
Mid•point Winery
Templeton, CA
Our winery has seen a whirlwind of activity over the past 3 years. We took over stewardship of the historic Rotta property and we are now in the process of opening a bottle shop in Downtown Paso Robles. Coming later this year, our tasting room will be moving into the bottle shop and be named midpoint. Why midpoint you ask? There are a few reasons:

We believe in the connection of people, always striving for improvement, and being authentic.
We are exactly at the midpoint between San Francisco and LA.
How can you always strive for improvement if you have a name like Apex, Pinnacle or similar? That infers you have made it. If you are at the midpoint you are always in a position to learn more about the land, wine, and ourselves to improve.
In life you never know where the end is, we’re always living at the midpoint. We hope you will too.
$16-$19 DOE
YOU have always been curious, a go-getter, people love to be around you, you love storytelling and entertaining, building something excites you, you love getting things done, and you want to be in at the start of an amazing journey. We recently purchased an existing winery and dry farmed vineyard in Willow Creek / West side and are undergoing extensive investment and development.

WE are looking for a tasting room associate. This could include pouring in the tasting room, assisting with the wine club, sweeping the floors, pruning a vine here or there, packing boxes, sorting mail, or even making wine (or more likely cleaning up after the winemaker). This position is best suited for someone who desires to be fully immersed in the wine business and is looking to expand his or her knowledge of wine.


Do whatever it takes to make the customer experience exceptional, which will….

Make you exceptional, which will...

Make our tasting room exceptional, which will...

Contribute to making Paso Robles exceptional

Build relationships with customers and the wine community

Get "stuff” done - with a quality and efficiency your parents and family would be proud of


Love wine
Love to learn
Love to teach
Think people are fundamentally “good" and you like to be around them
Are patient with people who may not appear “good” and you handle them with grace
Are ok with not having everything figured out just yet - and want to help us do just that
Are 21+ years of age (don’t blame us, the feds say you need to be of legal age to serve wine)
Ability to stand for 6-7 hours a day and lift/move 50 pounds (you can save money on your Crossfit or Peloton membership)
You think weekends are overrated and would prefer to have your days off when there is less traffic and the beaches are less crowded. Can work Friday through Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm, including most holidays.
Compensation based on experience:
If you "stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night" and worked as a big box retail store greeter - you get $
If you are a winery veteran and want to prove you can build a top 10 winery from scratch - you get $$$
Bet on yourself… includes tips and incentives
Get to tell all your friends and family you work at a freakin’ winery
Free food on some days (and maybe even a t-shirt or swag)
Fresh air, no cubicle, a boss with a (poor) sense of humor
Blake Franco
Head of Hospitality

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