Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1437

Vineyard Internship
Glenrose Vineyards
Glenrose Vineyard is located in the crevice of Kiler Canyon and Peachy Canyon, maintaining all of the best qualities of west side Paso Robles. Glenrose is planted on limestone, calcareous soils and is one of the only vineyards in the Central Coast planted on a terrace system. Our varietals consist of Rhone whites (Roussanne, Grenache blanc, Piquepoul, Viognier) and Rhone reds (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Counoise, Cinsaut); however, Glenrose Vineyards provides several other more opaque cultivars from a plethora of diverse European regions including Italy (Nebbiolo, Barbera), Portugal (Touriga, Tinto Cao, Souzão), and Spain (Vermentino, Tannat). Our 40 acres of planted vines were engineered with vineyard longevity and vitality in mind. Proprietor, Don Rose, designed the site with special attention to issues like erosion, efficient labor practices, and other logistical concerns that impact vineyard efficacy.
$17 - $18 dependent on experience
Immediately, with full time summer/fall internships also available
Glenrose is currently in a transition phase as our cadre is seeking to innovate our farming techniques and methods. This opportunity totally contrasts a typical vineyard internship where one would perform menial tasks like yield estimates. Young and detail-oriented talent could have numerous opportunities to contribute to our ongoing projects.

The main tasks of the position would encompass assisting the viticulturist in daily operations around the vineyard. There is the opportunity to provide a significant role in our replanting and grafting programs, physically planting dormant vines, and being eyes in the vineyard / documenting the graft success rates. Glenrose is expecting a shipment of 2000 dormant 1103P vines in February of this year that need to be planted prior to bloom.

Another immediate task would be helping the vineyard crew with pruning operations. Interns would have the opportunity to learn about spur pruning, cane pruning, trunk and cordon renewal programs, and related managerial decisions that affect yield.

Additionally, 2024 will be another wet vintage, so it will be paramount that we are monitoring and cleaning the storm drains / culverts that maintain the terrace system. In conjunction with the prior note on rain, a portion of the intern’s time will also be spent on weed management. Other tasks will vary dependent on the needs of the Viticulturist and the Vineyard Manager, including but not limited to canopy management tasks and other assignments around the property. Intern may have opportunity to operate heavy machineries like tractors and excavators. Ultimately, the opportunity will be as practical as you can imagine and applicants have the ability to learn about the intricacies and difficulties of farming a small site. Position highly recommended for students seeking careers in vineyard management.
Wine and Viticulture Major or other related Agriculture field
Hardworking and self-reliant
Physically capable for vineyard labor

Expected Hours:
20-30 hours per week with weekend employment also available, total hours flexible with student schedule
Myles Adams

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