Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1581

2024 Harvest Internship
Seasonal F/T
L'Aventure Winery
2815 Live Oak Road Paso Robles, CA 93446
L'Aventure Winery was founded by Stephan and Beatrice Asseo in 1998. Originally from Bordeaux, the Asseo family-owned multiple properties in Bordeaux. Over the next 17 years, Stephan developed into an artisan winemaker and gained a reputation as a maverick winemaker. However, his true desire was to be more innovative than AOC law would allow. After searching for over a year among the world's great wine regions, Stephan found Paso Robles. He immediately “fell in love” with the unique terroir of west side Paso Robles. The rolling topography of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, the deep calcareous soils, and the maritime influences of the renowned Templeton Gap all combine to craft some of the world's greatest blends. L’Aventure has been repeatedly recognized for their high-end, distinguished Paso Robles blends.
$16 per hour with overtime
Students will participate in the following:

Vineyard Culture Job: control of the canopy with trap wires, installation of shade cloths, weed control

Winery Job: barrel topping, new barrel preparation for harvest, preparation of the winery for harvest

Participation of Harvest and Vinification of the 2023 Vintage: Fruit maturation (picking and analysis), crushing process, vinification (fermentation, pump over, tanks draining), analysis for malolactic fermentation (lab work), barrel filling, tasting.
The trainee will gain a thorough understanding of day-to-day operations in a small-scale winery (less than 10,000 cases). At the end of training, they will have seen all steps including grape sorting, must management through fermentation, pressing, and filling barrels to begin the aging process.

Upon Arrival
• Overview and tour of operations
• Safety orientation
• Review Training Plan
• Discuss Learning Objectives & Special Project
• Discussion of goals, performance evaluations and safety awareness

• Review Performance and Learning Objectives
• Perform responsibilities of special project and present ideas to host/staff.
• Safety Review
Upon Departure
• Final Evaluation of Learning Objectives, Project and overall Program
• Discuss future plans and incorporation of such with knowledge gained during training program.

Upon completion of their training program, trainees will have built upon their fundamental knowledge and skills. Although not comprehensive, trainees will understand and be able to perform the following:
Daniella Lafkas
Operations Manager
(805) 227-1588 x21

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