Wine and Viticulture

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Submission #1652

Recipe Maker (Limited Partnership)
Part Time
Peter Liu
440 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, Ohio 43202
Permanent share of 5-10 percent in the company
Permanent share of 5-10 percent in the company
June 15, 2024
Application is open until filled
We are seeking an enthusiastic individual to create recipes for our Seasoning Distillery (cooking liquor) in Columbus, Ohio. The factory is scheduled to commence production in September. The primary responsibility involves developing recipes for seasoning liquor based on specific requirements. All necessary equipment, sources, and ingredients will be provided as needed. Additionally, the candidate may be involved in guiding the importation of machines required for production.
The ideal candidate should possess the following qualities:

Knowledge in Food Science and Technology: A background in food science or food engineering, with an understanding of the brewing process and the impact of different components on liquor flavor.

Innovative Capability: Demonstrated innovation, with the ability to create unique and captivating liquor recipes that set our products apart in the market.

Communication Skills: Strong communication skills, enabling effective collaboration with team members, superiors, and other departments to ensure the successful implementation of recipes.

Candidates are not required to be physically present in Ohio at any time, the majority of the work will take place near Davis, CA.

Contact Name: Peter Liu
Contact E-mail:
Phone: 857-385-9689
Application Deadline: Application is open until filled

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