Wine and Viticulture

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Rachel Johnson
Undergraduate Academic Advisor Kristin McCain-Bender
Building 74M-A108

Please email to schedule appointment and provide your available days and times. 



Change of Major Procedure 

General Guidelines: 

  • Students must complete at least one quarter at Cal Poly before entering into an Individualized Change of Major Agreement (ICMA). 

  • Review Cal Poly’s General Change of Major Policy in full. 

  • Students are allowed 1 ICMA per major.  Students who do not meet the conditions of their ICMA will not be issued another ICMA for that major.  

  • Students must be able to graduate in a timely manner. A realistic quarter-by-quarter graduation plan may be required to demonstrate whether this is feasible.

Step 1: Research 

Students are expected to research their options and make a well-informed decision. Choose two of the following research opportunities:

Step 2: Complete the Change of Major Inquiry Form

  • Complete the Change of Major Inquiry Form through your Cal Poly Portal 

Step 3: Meet with Department Contact

  • Students deemed eligible for an ICMA should follow the steps laid out in the email response from department Change of Major Coordinator.

ICMA Criteria

Requirements typically included in the ICMA of a student seeking a switch to the WVIT major include:

  1. Minimum Cal Poly GPA requirement: OR
    • Minimum cumulative 2.75 GPA
    • A minimum quarter(s) GPA of 3.0 for the length of the ICMA
  2. Completion of three specific course requirements:
    1. AGB 214
    2. BOT 121
    3. CHEM 127 (CHEM 111 will not count in its place)
    4. ECON 222
    5. MATH 141 or 161 (Math 118 will not count in its place)
    6. WVIT 102



  • **The completion of coursework without prior consultation with the intended major department does not guarantee the student eligibility to switch into the intended major.**    
  • No double majors or double concentration requests are permitted.
  • The Wine and Viticulture Minor is not accepting applicants.


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