Wine and Viticulture

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Office Hours ~ Spring 2020


* All Spring Office Hours are being held by virtual tool or by phone. 
**All Faculty available by appointment.
*** Appointments during Office Hours to be scheduled by email only.

 Name office Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Casassa, Federico 11-219 4pm-6pm   4pm-6pm    
Costello, Michael 11-221 11:10am-12pm 10:10am-12pm 11:10am-12pm 10:10am-12pm  
Ding, Shunping 11-233 10am-12pm   10am-12pm    
Dodson Peterson, Jean 11-218       12:10pm-3pm   
Ferrara, Adrienne 11-220 2pm-3pm 2pm-3pm 2pm-3pm 2pm-3pm  
Lecat, Benoît 11-217   3:30pm-6pm   3:30pm-6pm  
Lease, Terry 11-224   3pm-4:10pm 1:30pm-2:40pm 9:30am-10:40am  
Niku, Shohreh 24-105B 4pm-5pm 2pm-3pm 4pm-5pm 2pm-3pm  
Rodrigues, Dan 74M-A108          
Shumate, Jim 11-214   10am-12pm   10am-12pm 10am-12
Taylor, Courtney 74M-A108          
Wolf, Mitchell   9am-10am   9am-10am    

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