Wine and Viticulture

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L. Federico Casassa, Ph.D.

Federico Casassa

Assistant Professor, Enology

Office: Building 11, Room 219
Phone: 805-756-2751
Office Hours: Current Quarter
Curriulum Vitae: Casassa CV (pdf)


Ph.D. Food Science| Wine Chemistry & Sensory Analysis |Washington State University, WA (USA) | 2013
MS, Viticulture & Enology |Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza (Argentina) | 2007
BS, Agronomic Engineering|Major Viticulture & Enology | Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza (Argentina) | 2004

Introductory Statement and Overview

The focus of my research lies on the broad areas of grape and wine chemistry and biochemistry and their sensory implications, with especial emphasis on applied research. I have been involved in research projects focusing on the impact of irrigation techniques, especially Regulated Deficit Irrigation. I am also interested on the chemical and sensory aspects arising from intrinsic variations of berry size in red wine cultivars, and their impact during winemaking. Current and ongoing research projects include studies on the extraction of phenolics of sensory relevance during the course of different maceration techniques in red wines (cold soak, extended maceration, saignée, cofermentation, stem and whole cluster additions), coupled with other regulating factors (grape maturity and composition, ethanol content, SO2 dosis), and their sensory impact as evaluated by formal sensory evaluation techniques.

In the past 10 years I have also been involved in practical winemaking conducted both at pilot and at commercial scale, being responsible for production of red, white, rosés, and late-harvest wines.

Courses at Cal Poly: WVIT 442 (Sensory Evaluation of Wine) and WVIT 462 (Senior Project II)

Selected Publications (Last 6 years)

Casassa, L.F., Keller, M.; and J.F. Harbertson (2015). Regulated Deficit Irrigation alters anthocyanins, tannins and sensory properties of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and wines. Molecules, 20 (5): 7820-7844

Casassa, L.F., Bolcato, E.A., and S.E. Sari (2015). Chemical, chromatic, and sensory attributes of 6 red wines produced with prefermentative cold soak. Food Chemistry, 174: 110-118.

Casassa, L.F., and S.E. Sari (2015). Sensory and chemical effects of two alternatives of prefermentative cold soak in Malbec wines during winemaking and bottle aging. International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 50 (4): 1044–1055

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